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Paper Industry
In wet end as Suction Box Covers Forming Boards Hydrofoils, Vacuum Foils, Sealing Strips, Deflectors, Centricleaner Nozzels, Support Tables etc. In felt and dryer sections as Doctor Blades, Yule Box Covers, Felt Conditioners, Scrapers, Tops etc. In Pulp Manufacturing as Wear Plates and Bearings for Washing Drums. Many other applications includes Gears, Pinion, Sleeves, Studs, Bushings Chain Guides etc.

Asbestos Cement Pipe & Sheet Ind.
In wet end as Suction Box Covers, Strips, Guide Rollers, Suction Box Plates, Bushes, Rollers etc..

Food Industry
Conveyor units and Guide, Reversing Rollers for Bottle Filling and Labeling Machines, Screw Conveyors for Pulps and Fruit Purees.

Electrical – Industry
Insulating Components for High and Very High Frequencies, Multi-Polar Contacts for Plugs and Cable Clamps.

Textile Industry
Pickers or Similar Components Subject to High Stress, such as Scutching Blades, Lug Straps, Picking Bowls, Picking Caps, Shuttle Keys etc. Experience has shown that these pickers last at least four to five times as compared to pickers from other high–grade materials.

Gaskets, Sleeves, Valves, Packing for Pumps, these parts have been used successfully with Liquid Hydrogen (-2530C) and Liquid Helium (-2690C).

Mining & Exploration Industry
Coverings for Conveying Machinery (Chutes Vibrators), Air Separators, Flotation Chambers and Coal Bunkers. Components for Filtration Unit.

Machine construction
Gear Wheels, Runners, Rope Guide Rollers, Valves, Slides (for Strongly Corrosive Media), Guide Bars, Non-abrasive Strips, Wipers, Rollers and Cam Grooves for Conveyor Belts. Components for Pumps, Gaskets, Punch Plates in the Leather and Plastic Industries. Suction Bands and Boxes for the Paper Industries. Reflecting Plates for Sand Blasting Plants, Grinding and Polishing Wheels after Incorporating Suitable Fillers. Safety and Spark-proof Tool as well as handles for a great variety of implements.

Electro – Plating
Rollers, Fittings, Gear Wheels, Bushings and other Pieces of Apparatus.

Other Applications
Shares on Snow Ploughs for Concrete and Asphalt Roads, Skids for Gliders.