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VIRGIN WHITE UHMW PE – as specified in this brochure.

CERAMIC FILLED UHMW PE – This grade is specially developed for Paper Industry by Reinforcing High Quality Micronised, Surface Quoted Ceramic Fillers and Additives to Improve Dimensional Stability, Hardness and Wear Resistance. It Improves Synthetic Wire Life even in High Speeds. It is Recommended in Paper Industry for use as Suction Box Covers, Foil Blades, Forming Boards, Centicleaner Nozzles.

GRAPHITE FILLED UHMW PE – This grade is developed by Alloying Special Grade of Graphite and other Additives to Improve Sliding Surface.

Other Grades includes U.V. Stabilised and Anti-static.

Polysteel Gradewise Properties

Properties Unit Virgin Ceramic Graphite
Density g/cm3 0.934 0.975 0.97
Hardness Shore 'D' 65 72 67
Coefficient of dynamic friction - 0.10 0.10 0.08
Abrasion loss by sand slurry test Mg. 100 90 85